Featuring illustrations, art and inspirations from London College of Fashion Student , Antaya Shakila Lendore.

A collection of the things I love & things that inspire my work

ok so i’ve said it before but…

I’m really sorry for not posting regulary (i have no idea why my followers are still followin)… but i have been doing alot of drawing and stuff so i’ll post pics up later :)

Enrolled last Tuesday so I’m now OFFICIALLY a student @ University of the Arts London/ London College of Fashion :) (still in shock.. not quite sure how this all happened :O)

I’m gonna try to keep posting regularly as its a way of networking/getting my name out there etc..

Don’t forget I have THREE tumblrs (yep i love it that much) …..

This one —- is just my personal one … things that i like etc

Cre8tivi-ty —- is one where i will put my work, drawings designs creations etc….

Ty-Tres-Chic —-is my fashion blog :)

In other news http://www.jessiejmusic.com/ —- I’ve been following this girl for 3/4 years on myspace/youtube/twitter — shes finally taking off!! her song ‘Do It Like A Dude’ is gonna have its first play 2mrw night & i’m so excited :) Check out her song nobodys perfect here. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB6_PqBXUmg&feature=sub

In even More News :)… Mike Hough (pronounced ‘my cow’) is also going places ppl.. been following him for a bout a year since i found his reply to cheryl coles ‘Fight For This Love’ on youtube… and if you seen one of my previous recent posts HE WAS ON MY STREET …:) but i was so starstruck i walked past him..lol :S

Thats a link to his song Chasing Shadows… This & Jessie Js ‘Who You Are’ (which was featured in the recent Step Up movie) have been so inspirational to me right now … I HAVE HAD THEM ON REPEAT!!!



I’m walkin down the street as you do.. going to the shops on a nice sunny day..

& i see Mike Hough …. on MY street..

& what did I do, you ask..

NOTHIN!! wtf is wrong with me…

ive lost my mind

update so i shared my story on twitter , & mike hough replied ….’brick lane?? lol’…